Construction of blower trucks in Lyon

Construction of blower trucks in Lyon

Are you looking for robust, efficient and very good quality blower trucks? DLM Industry Solutions products probably meet your needs. In addition, we offer financing solutions adapted to your projects and our prices are among the best on the market in Lyon.

A few words about DLM Industry Solutions

Our main activity is the development of tailor-made on-board blowing systems adapted to all your needs. However, we also build and market blower trucks by installing the devices on regular or new vehicles. We also note that all our equipment has been designed by Yves Romanet and is patented. We offer our services throughout France, particularly in Lyon, Paris and Marseille.

Our ranges of blower trucks

We offer a wide choice of blower trucks thanks to the many blowing systems that we develop. We mainly focus on devices suitable for heating fuels (pellets and chips). However, we still sell models intended for other uses such as blowing crushed ice or mulch.

Some examples of our products

Here are some examples of the equipment we provide:

  • Blowing systems with double turbine: for pellets, for chips or mixed;
  • Simple vacuum/blower for ordinary or forestry chips;
  • Double vacuum/blower for pellets.

Find a detailed catalog on our official website. Then, you can directly request a quote or ask questions about the products by going to the "Contact" menu. The operation is free of charge and without obligation.


DLM Industry Solutions builds customized, resistant, good quality blower trucks adapted to diverse needs in Lyon. We also offer attractive financing options, depending on your needs and requests. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information on our products and services.