Blower truck construction in Toulouse

The market for blown wood pellets and chips is booming in France. In order to facilitate your home supply of heating fuels in the city of Toulouse and its surroundings, at DLM Industry Solutions, we offer blower trucks.

A more efficient and sophisticated system

Fuel supply by blower trucks is the current trend. This type of technology allows homes to no longer have to build underground silos and costly specific access systems.

Indeed, the blower trucks have a suction system and a pipe that can reach several tens of meters. This makes your heating unit more accessible, so you don't have to create ducts to transport the pellets to your storage location. In addition, our blowers have variable flow rates, making supply quick and controlled.

Our solutions adapted to all

At DLM Industry Solutions, we have thought of each of our potential customers in the design of our blow molding solutions. Thus, we offer blowers that can be adapted to all types of trucks (dumpsters, agricultural trailers, etc.) so that you no longer have to invest in a specific truck.

Our blowers don't stop at heating fuels. We also offer systems for blowing crushed ice, straw or substrates for green roofs. In short, you are sure to find everything you need for your blow molding activities in Toulouse in our showroom.

Some examples of our products

Here are some examples of our blowing systems for trucks:

  • The JYJ 500C: double turbine blower for pellets;
  • The JYJ 500B: double turbine blower for chips.

These two types of blowers easily adapt to your dump trucks or agricultural trailers by installing directly on the rear door. It is possible to compartmentalize the skip to optimize multiple deliveries.