Blower truck construction in Nice

Are you a professional specializing in the supply of heating fuels and various pellet materials in the city of Nice and its surroundings? Or simply individuals looking for a reliable solution to deliver it to your home? At DLM Industry Solutions, we design blower trucks specially adapted to your needs.

How do we proceed ?

In Nice, but also in other cities in France, we design your blower trucks in collaboration with you. Indeed, we take into account your needs, your activity, the size of your company and we analyze this data to offer you the best solution that suits you.

If you already have a conventional dump truck or agricultural trailer, we can only supply the blowing system. We install the latter on your truck so that the vehicle becomes a blower truck. All our ranges of blowers adapt to these types of trucks.

What are the particularities of our blow molding solutions?

At DLM Industry Solutions, we provide our customers with the best possible blow molding solutions. Thanks to our experienced workshop manager, Yves Romanet, and our entire team of seasoned technicians, we offer you sophisticated, efficient and economical blowers.

Our products can fit all dump trucks or agricultural trailers. Our systems have powerful motors capable of delivering a high blowing rate for fast execution of tasks. Finally, our solutions are not limited to the blowing of fuels for heating systems. We also offer blowers for crushed ice, straw and green roof substrates

Some of our products

For your blowing work in Nice and its surroundings, here are some examples of the products we offer:

  • The JYJ 500C: double turbine blower for pellets;
  • The JYJ 500B: double turbine blower for chips.

These models can suit any truck configuration and it is even possible to adapt your body to the volume and frequency of delivery.