Blower truck construction in Marseille

A blower truck facilitates the delivery of a large quantity of heating fuels such as chips or pellets. Indeed, these types of vehicles can quickly fill your silo while being several meters away, which is ideal for suppliers who supply industrial companies. DLM precisely builds robust and superior quality blower trucks in Marseille and in many other regions in France. Let's do a check in.

Who is DLM Industry Solutions?

We develop on-board, innovative, efficient, resistant and good quality blowing systems, adapted to various truck models. The devices we are selling have been designed by Yves Romanet and are patented. We also build sophisticated, practical blower trucks adapted to all your needs. Indeed, we install our equipment on a wide range of regular or new heavy vehicles. Our main objective is to offer quality products at reasonable prices in Marseille and throughout France.

The range of blower trucks and blowing systems available at DLM Industry Solutions

The diversity of blowing systems that we develop allows us to build blower trucks that meet all your needs. Even if we mainly concentrate on devices adapted to pellets and chips, we also offer models for straw, mulch, substrates for green roofs or even crushed ice. Here are some examples of our products:

  • Double turbine vacuum/blower for pellets;
  • Double turbine blower for chips;
  • Double mixed turbine.

Find all the blowing systems we offer in our online catalog on our official website.

To finish

Are you interested in the blower trucks we build? Request a quote now by filling out the online form. We also remind you that we offer several financing offers adapted to your projects. Contact us to find the solution that's right for you.