Discharge of crushed ice / scale

Are you looking for an efficient blowing system for crushed or flake ice? At DLM Industry Solutions, we offer pellet blowers capable of handling this type of material.

What is a blowing system?

A blowing system is a motorized device specially designed to facilitate the loading and unloading of small materials such as pellets, grains or crushed ice. Just integrate it into an ordinary truck so that it becomes a blower truck. However, this operation requires the intervention of a professional in the field to guarantee the optimal functioning of the equipment.

What is the advantage of using a blowing system?

The use of a blowing system for the displacement of small materials offers many advantages.

1- The speed of the transfer

The blowing system allows pellets, grains or crushed ice to be quickly evacuated by pressing a simple button, since it is a motorized device. This offers a considerable saving of time.

2- Easier access to certain areas

The blowing system usually has a pipe through which the materials will be conveyed when loading or unloading. As a result, the device makes it possible to deliver the grains or pellets directly to their storage location, even if the opening of the latter is difficult to access (at height for example).

3- Loss limitation

As mentioned above, the blowing system is directly linked to the opening of the storage compartment by a sealed pipe. Thus, the materials are not in contact with the external environment throughout the operation, which considerably reduces losses due to the deterioration of the products.

Our dedicated blower for blowing crushed or flake ice

Pellet blowers are capable of blowing crushed or flake ice. Our system creates a flow of hot air, at a temperature of around 40°C, to blow the materials. At first glance, this mode of operation does not seem suitable for ice cream which could melt. Nevertheless, the air velocity/flow rate of our device is particularly high. This means that the materials will pass through the system quickly and will not be exposed to heat for too long. In the same vein, we offer faster unloading than our competitors.

In which areas is this type of blower useful?

Blowers suitable for crushed or flake ice are generally useful in the following sectors:

  • Food preservation;
  • Fishing ;
  • Medical domain.


The transfer of crushed or flake ice requires special precautions since it risks melting or deteriorating under the effect of external heat. The use of a suitable blower, fast and efficient, is certainly one of the best solutions to carry out the discharge of this type of material in complete safety. We invite you to contact us for additional information on our services as well as on the models we offer.