Soil mulching using a blower

Mulching the soil is an operation to be carried out regularly in the garden. This is usually done in two ways: by hand or with a blower. We are going to focus on this second option which can be particularly interesting.

What is mulching?

In order to preserve the quality of the soil, it is important to cover it regularly with organic, mineral or plastic materials. It is a mulch. This technique consists of putting a layer of straw or other natural residues on the ground. This will enrich it with plant nutrients and protect it from the cold. Mulching is also called “mulching”.

It is possible to apply this technique anywhere in your garden. Whether in the vegetable garden, in the orchard, at the foot of trees, shrubs, young hedges as well as in beds of perennials, mulching the soil will only do your plants good.

When pouring mulch on the soil, you should take a few precautions:

  • Limit watering by keeping the soil moist;
  • Limit the development of weeds;
  • Create a place conducive to beneficial insects;
  • Keep your fruits and vegetables clean by avoiding direct contact with the ground;
  • Feed the soil.

How does mulching work with a blower?

Mulch blowing involves using a blower to disperse the mulch on the ground. It is a diesel-powered machine mounted in a specific truck that will project the mulch through a pneumatic hose.

The pipe is fed with mulch through an airlock system and the blower will quickly suck up the mulch, transport it through the pipe until it is propelled to the area where it needs to be dispersed.

There are different models of blowers that differ according to their size, their blowing power and the flow of mulch they can project. Generally, it is possible to control the blowing speed in order to better control the precision.

Why use a blower?

Usually, mulching is done manually. However, using a blowing system can show various advantages.

Time saving

Manual mulching can be time-consuming and tiring, as you have to load the mulch into a wheelbarrow yourself, then disperse it little by little, then spread it evenly. The blower completes these steps in no time, saving you time and fatigue.

A practical and modern solution

The use of machines is more and more recommended given the practical and modern side. Whatever mulch you want to use, the blower can be an effective ally. In addition, mulching is an essential step for the quality of your soil, but tedious. This blower technique makes your job much easier.

A practical technique for large areas to be covered

The use of the blower is very common when it comes to covering a large area of soil. Speed, precision and efficiency are necessary to properly protect the ground. It is for this reason that farmers generally use a blower. In the case of a small vegetable garden, manual mulching can do the trick.