The different types of blower trucks and their uses

At DLM Industry Solutions, we offer blowing solutions, including blower trucks. These vehicles are specially adapted to meet very specific needs. But what are the different possible uses and existing configurations? Take stock.

In which sectors are blower trucks used?

Here are the main sectors for which our blower trucks are intended.

The supply of heating fuels

The heating fuel supply sector is the one that makes the most use of blower trucks. Vehicles are used to easily transport pellets and chips, and facilitate unloading to the storage area.


Agriculture also uses blower trucks, in particular to quickly transport and unload the various grains to storage silos. It is also an efficient means of transporting fertilizers and other fertilizers.

The refrigeration industry and fishing

The use of our blower trucks in the fishing and refrigeration industry makes it easy to source crushed ice and unload it quickly to the dedicated storage area.

· Gardening

It is also possible to use blower trucks in the field of gardening. The transport of substrates for green roofs is, among other things, one of the most common uses in this sector.

Other areas

Interestingly, blower trucks can be used in many other areas. When it comes to transporting granular materials, you can use this solution to make your job easier.

Different configurations of blower trucks

Blower trucks are almost as varied as the conventional truck types available on the market. Indeed, in most cases, these are classic trucks to which we have fitted out and adapted blowing systems to become blower trucks. We therefore distinguish:

  • The tank truck: ideal for transporting liquid substances;
  • The agricultural dump truck: perfectly adapted for the agricultural environment and for the transport of heating fuels;
  • The tarp truck: multifunction truck that can be used to transport various grain materials;
  • The refrigerated truck: can be used to transport and unload crushed ice.

Why trust us in the construction of your blower trucks?

At DLM Industry Solutions, we provide you with high quality and sophisticated blowing systems. The devices are adjustable flow and the unloading pipe is of variable length in order to adapt to your needs and your constraints.

When designing our blower trucks, we also offer you 2 options. The first is to install the blower system on a truck you already own. This saves you from investing in a truck again. The second option is a turnkey solution. In other words, we provide you with a new truck on which we install a blow-off device.

Whichever option you choose, we have solutions to suit your budget.