Wood pellets, a solution against the heat wave?

The summer season is coming soon! We all look forward to beautiful sunny days. But the other side of the coin... summer is also the period of heat waves. In addition to being unpleasant, this extreme heat is dangerous for our health.

Indeed, it can be the cause of severe dehydration, sunstroke as well as respiratory and cardiovascular problems. There are even risks of death for vulnerable individuals such as the elderly, children or even people with chronic illnesses.

The use of air conditioning and ventilation systems is therefore essential during this period. But today, we are going to talk to you about an original and improbable solution against the heat wave, which has nevertheless proven itself in France for a few years: wood pellets.

Wood pellets, a solution against the heat wave?

Made from wood chips or sawdust, pellets are ranked among the most environmentally friendly heating sources of the time. But apparently, their usefulness does not end there.

Indeed, the replacement of concrete by granules in a courtyard creates an island of freshness. This is capable of lowering the outside temperature by around 5 to 10°C during a heat wave.

This method has been applied in some schools in Villeurbanne, France, since 2018. Moreover, 3 or 4 schools in the city continue to be renovated each year to adapt to this solution.

Is it possible to adopt this solution at home?

You can completely apply this solution at home and therefore replace your concrete yard with wood pellets, making sure to remove the asphalt. To do this, you just need to transport the pellets to your home.

At DLM Industry Solutions, we specialize in the design of blower trucks or blowing systems adapted to any type of use for the distribution of pellets.

In addition, it is strongly advised to create a green space around your house to optimize the effectiveness of the method.

What other precautions should be taken to survive a heat wave?

Certainly, wood pellets represent an interesting and effective solution against the heat wave, but the method has its limits, especially during days when the temperature is at its peak. It is therefore essential to take additional precautions to survive this period of extreme heat:

  • Install curtains, blinds or even shutters to prevent the sun's rays from entering your home.
  • Make sure your building has good thermal insulation. It would be wise to check it now.
  • Use an air conditioning system to keep your home, office, or even your car cool and pleasant.
  • Drink lots of water and eat right.
  • As much as possible, avoid outdoor activities, especially during the peak hours of heat.

Finally, we invite you to contact us if you wish to obtain additional information on our activity and our products.