Blower truck, the productivity solution?

The blower truck is a machine used for the delivery and unloading of pellets or wood chips. But is it really worth using these vehicles to deliver your fuel?

What is a Blower Truck?

The blower truck is equipped with a blowing device allowing, initially, to suck up the granules, then to unload them into the storage silos of private individuals or professionals. Thanks to a system of pipes and buttons, loading and unloading is easy and fast.

Generally, blow trucks are not sold in series. Specialized companies such as ours design blower trucks and resell them to professionals and individuals who wish to dispose of them.

Why use a blower truck?

Why opt for a blower truck to perform the tasks of loading and unloading pellets, rather than a traditional system? Here are the main advantages of this machine.

Optimum time saving

A blower truck is specially designed to make the loading and unloading of pellets very fast. Whether customers or suppliers, the time saved by a blower truck is not to be neglected. The time required to load or unload several tons of pellets would be much longer without a blower.

Easy access to storage areas

Storage areas such as silos are usually difficult to access for delivery trucks. Indeed, they are often located in a basement or in height. Thanks to the blower ducts, it is easier and more convenient to transfer the pellets from the truck to the silo.

· Low-cost delivery

A blower truck can transport several tons of bulk pellets at one time. This avoids back and forth when supplying a considerable quantity to a customer. The cost relating to the delivery and the wear and tear of the truck is therefore reduced, since the journeys are reduced.

Usefulness in various fields

A blower truck is not only used to transport pellets, although this is one of its main functions. Indeed, you can use it to quickly load and unload different small products such as wood chips or seeds (in the field of agriculture). The truck storage bin is specially designed to be airtight and guarantees optimum protection of the seeds against the weather.

Order your blow trucks from us

Ultimately, a blow truck is essential to optimize your productivity and profitability. If you are a professional in the supply of pellets, in agriculture or in other fields requiring the movement of a greater or lesser quantity of grain products, you can trust us to design the blower truck that suits you. have to. We guarantee the quality of our vehicles and our services.